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For just $395 our DIY Reserve Study gives you:
  • A clear, concise, readable report that makes sense
  • An affordable, cost-effective solution
  • Easy to use, as often as you need to
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Your HOA is required by MN law to reevaluate your reserves for adequacy every 3 years.
A reserve study makes it easy!

DIY Reserve Study

A do-it-yourself spreadsheet allows you to generate a clear, concise, readable report. This helps you make sound financial decisions towards a healthy and adequate reserve plan.

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Why Choose a Reserve Study Consultants Solution

It's the Law

Reevaluation of reserves adequacy is required by Minnesota law and must be done every three years. A detailed reserve study fulfills the letter of the law and provides a blueprint for your property’s current and future success.

It's clear & concise

We generate a clear, concise, readable report that makes sense. This allows you to track projected expenditures, cash flow and funding, and keep records that can be referenced in a meaningful way.

It's Affordable

This is an easy and affordable solution that fulfills your HOA’s legal obligations. With the DIY package, your reserve study can be created or updated at any time, helping your HOA plan sufficient funding for future maintenance over time.

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